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How to Kiss on the Lips

The lip kiss.

The kiss of all kisses.

Recognized worldwide as an expression of romantic love.

Even though a kiss on the lips does not necessarily have to be romantic in nature, unlike the forehead kiss and the cheek kiss, it almost always is a romantic gesture.

The kiss on the lips is predominantly intimate in nature, even though it is not uncommon to see friends kiss in this manner (usually very briefly, the "peck" once more).

It is this type of kiss we all dream about in our young years, obsess over performing the correct way, await with anticipation with our first "real" relationship, practice on our pillows, and dream about when it finally is delivered by that special person.

Whether it was good or bad, none of us ever forget our first kiss.

And why should we?

Just look how much significance is placed on kissing on the lips. Wedding vows are sealed with the renown words, "You may now kiss the bride".

Nearly all intimate encounters begin with lip kissing. It is a gesture that continues on throughout relationships for a lifetime (or at least the lifetime of the relationship!) Kissing on the lips is quite the important act, so you want to make sure you do it right, as it is a well-known fact that while the sound of your voice, hair style or color of your eyes may be forgotten, the memory of whether you are a good kisser or a bad one will never fade away!


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