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How to Kiss in the Cheek

The cheek kiss is sort of like the second cousin to the forehead kiss, but with a bit more of a personal nature to it and more romantic connotation in certain situations.

Like the forehead kiss, it can also apply to family members and friends as a sweet and loving gesture.

But it is more popular as a "precursor" to something more serious.

Although that isn't exactly the kind of thought that goes through your head when you are kissing Aunt Lucia or Grandma Gina on the cheek, this kiss has different meanings just like the forehead kiss does.

However, just by virtue of the fact of where the kiss is landing, in such close proximity to the lips, the cheek kiss has much more potential to lead to something of a more romantic nature.

Again, the length of time the lips remain on the cheek has quite a bit to do with how the kiss is interpreted.

Although this kind of kiss can certainly linger a bit on the cheek of a dear family member, it usually does not. The lingering cheek kiss is generally reserved for those who are a bit more than friends but not quite full-fledged lovers...yet.

Of course there's also the quick "peck" on the cheek, which is extremely versatile in its interpretation and meaning as well. A quick peck on the cheek can say, "Hello", "goodbye", "congratulations", and pretty much anything in between.

And like the forehead kiss, the cheek kiss is nearly impossible to mess up.

Hardly anyone can find reason to be offended by a kiss on the cheek. Just look at all the societies all over the world where this type of kiss is the universal greeting between men, women, and men and women, friends, family, even complete strangers in some societies. It is even used to seal business deals between some people.

So, across the board from a formal greeting all the waty to a romantic gesture, the cheek kiss is a gesture accepted by nearly everyone and another one that is nearly impossible to make a mistake with.

To deliver a perfect cheek kiss (...)

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