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How to Kiss in the Forehead

The forehead kiss is usually a non-romantic gesture, although it certainly can be done by anyone to show love or affection.

Generally associated with family members or friends, the forehead kiss is differentiated by the length of time the lips remain on the forehead.

The more romantic type has the lips lingering on the forehead, with possibly a bit more pressure than say, a forehead kiss you might give your sister or a friend.

It is an endearing gesture, and, depending on the girl you are involved with, or would like to be involved with, it can be the perfect type of kiss to ease into things.

Never rule it out when it comes to winning points with the ladies. It indicates that you have a sensitive side, a nurturing nature, and that you are not afraid to show it.

This kiss is the most versatile and "innocent" type of kiss of them all. You can convey so many messages with this simple yet sweet kind of kiss. It is nearly impossible to offend anyone with a forehead kiss.

No one will think you too bold or forward.

It can't reasonably be seen as any type of flirtation simply by the basis of its nature, so the forehead kiss can be the perfect kiss for a close friend or family member, a "buddy", or as the first step to something of a more serious and personal nature, depending on the recipient.

Mostly, however, this type of kiss is seen as a sweet, innocent gesture. Just think about how many babies get kissed on the forehead and you will get the idea of the kind of affection conveyed by this kiss.

If you want to be successful at the forehead kiss, you must first think about (...)

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